Financial Planning for Retirement

We will plan your retirement, visualising this phase of your life to work out how much you need to thrive now that you will be slowing down or ceasing work altogether.

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Financial Retirement Specialists in Bromley

We often hear clients say that they want to work with us because they are considering their financial future and find themselves at a crossroads and want to make the next step the right one for them.

They have many ideas buzzing around their minds but there is uncertainty as to what is the best path for them, which can lead to both anxiety and indecision about the future.

Financial Advice for Retirement Planning

When you work with us we will start by asking some bold questions such as:

• What is your enough – how much money do you need?
• What is on your bucket list?
• Do you worry about care-costs?
• Do you worry about your children’s future?

Our job is to align the hard facts detailing your current situation, such as your assets, investments and pensions and establish the level of alignment they have with what you want your future to look-like.

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Retirement Planning Advice & Specialists

At Butterfly, we have a comprehensive understanding of income-generating assets including pensions and property. We started our working-life with an actuarial company compensating individuals caught up in the 1994 Securities and Investment Board (SIB) mis-sold personal pensions review. In this way, we learned how not to do it before we learned how to do it right.

Our objective is to provide you with practical solutions to achieve great outcomes for both you and your family. We don’t want you left with that feeling of ‘what if we had taken a different course of action?’ as we will model all of your possible pathways so that you are empowered to make the right decision for you and your family. Rakhee has been described as ‘like a dog with a bone’ giving you as much information as you need.

Of course, you might not want all of this detail, and we can simplify it for you and advise you on the right path. Whatever plan is adopted, we will fully document your situation so that you have a point of reference for you and your family both now in the future.

Financial Advice for Retirement Planning

We will hold your hand so that you make the right next step for you and your family. Ultimately the question boils down to have you got enough to achieve everything on your bucket list?

Once we have completed the process with clients, the feedback we have received has included the comments: ‘you have lifted a weight off my shoulders’ and ‘it feels like I’ve had therapy’. This is why we are impassioned to do what we do.

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Life gets easier when you’re not worrying about your financial future. Let us help you achieve your freedom today. 

What clients say about us

All of these quotes are taken from feedback our clients have left us via Vouchedfor, a vetted professional review site. You can find read the full reviews and many, many more here.

Rakhee is honestly fab. She's honest, caring, detailed, fair, helpful, and knowledgeable. I am so pleased to have found her!
Knowing how and where to start in getting trustworthy financial / pensions advice can feel confusing and difficult, and so easy to just put off til another day. That's why I was so happy to find Rakhee, with her calm, knowledgeable and approachable style.
Rakhee has provided an excellent service. She is very conscientious and treats the money as if it were her own spending her valuable time getting every penny due to me.
She was hugely patient and helpful explaining things several times when required.
She has made taking better control of my finances feel so clear and easy and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
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We will plan your retirement, visualising this phase of your life to work out how much you need to thrive now that you will be slowing down or ceasing work altogether.