Divorce Financial Support in Bromley

We work with you to ascertain what you need from a settlement and empower divorcees to be ok for the next chapter in their lives.

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Financial Divorce Specialists in Bromley

This is what our independent financial divorce planner, Rakhee, says about her experience on divorce,

“Growing up, I witnessed my mother endure anxiety and stress due to financial struggles following her divorce from my father.

There were many late anxious nights with my mum at the dining table sifting through lots of correspondence in relation to her divorce. She simply did not understand what her financial future would look like and this led to anxiety and worry.”

There were many questions she didn’t know how to answer:

• Will she be ok?
• What about her dependent children?
• Could she keep the house?
• Which assets were worth sharing and which were not?
• What would happen when she retires?

It was this situation that ignited the passion in me to help people just like my mum secure their financial future when going through a divorce.

After four years of research, discussions with solicitors and trips to the courts at High Holborn, as well as supporting my mum emotionally under a cloud of uncertainty I’m pleased to say that she did secure her financial future in the end. And for me, that marked the beginning of my journey as a financial divorce specialist.

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Divorce and Financial Planning Services

We can help you deal with the financial aspects of your divorce by assisting in answering questions at each stage of the process:

What are the financial ramifications of divorce? Will I have enough for the lifestyle I desire? We will create your visual life plan when we model potential settlement scenarios and appraise their suitability together.

How can I best represent my financial position during the divorce negotiation? This will include support with Form E with a particular focus on forward projections.

What is the best way to manage my assets and income once the outcome of the negotiation is known?

What will you do next? We know divorce is a major transition in your life and you may want to use this as a springboard to do something completely different. We will wholeheartedly support you with this by forecasting what your financial future might look like and help you to make it a reality.

We will drill down into your financial assets in detail and discuss with you the different options you might face. It is common for pensions to be shared (either your’s or your ex-spouse’s) and we will work through this with you. We can also provide a fresh prospective on business and other asset valuations.

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Let's Chat

At Butterfly we are familiar with the sensitivities, patience and resilience required during the divorce process and we can support you every step of the way. We won’t charge you for every email, phone call or conversation and we will be fully transparent on our fees from the outset.

What clients say about us

All of these quotes are taken from feedback our clients have left us via Vouchedfor, a vetted professional review site. You can find read the full reviews and many, many more here.

Rakhee is honestly fab. She's honest, caring, detailed, fair, helpful, and knowledgeable. I am so pleased to have found her!
Knowing how and where to start in getting trustworthy financial / pensions advice can feel confusing and difficult, and so easy to just put off til another day. That's why I was so happy to find Rakhee, with her calm, knowledgeable and approachable style.
Rakhee has provided an excellent service. She is very conscientious and treats the money as if it were her own spending her valuable time getting every penny due to me.
She was hugely patient and helpful explaining things several times when required.
She has made taking better control of my finances feel so clear and easy and I have no hesitation in recommending her.
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