Our drive and passion for our work

We want everyone to be empowered to feel confident in their financial decisions & future and remove anxiety around money.

rakhee and her mother

Humble beginnings

Growing up, I saw my mum suffer anxiety and stress over money following her divorce from my father and I decided that I never wanted to see myself or another person in that situation. I became her financial planner.

Helping you thrive

I have over 20 years of helping clients just like you to deliver for themselves and their families. Outside of work as well as being a naturally curious individual I love going to the theatre, reading and book-clubs.

butterfly financial planning family image

Understanding the bigger picture

We’re both financial planners and advisers in Bromley. At the core, we analyse your needs and objectives and help you plan a sustainable future for you and your family, which will typically include pensions, investments and protection as you would expect from a regulated financial adviser. But this is YOUR plan, because life is not a rehearsal.